Site improvements June 13th, 2018

Hey folks!

I did some improvements to my website… You can now sign up with your email-address in order to keep track of what’s going on here in the future.

Secondly, I added a like-button for my Facebook page linked to this blog.

Furthermore, for everybody’s convenience, it is now possible to browse the blog by category with a dropdown list found at the bottom part of the page.


Enjoy reading, and please don’t hesitate to give me feedback or ask any question you might have by leaving a comment on my blog or on Facebook or drop me a line via email!


Have a pleasant time, and best greetings from Marburg! Cheers!

Visiting the Sightcity 2018

On Wednesday, me and a couple of colleagues and tutors from work traveled to Frankfurt to visit the Sightcity, the biggest international exhibition for blind- and visually impaired-specific products in Germany, and there were a few highlights I’d like to talk about…
I visited the Sightcity the first – and last – time together with Gaudio-Braille during my internship period in May 2014, so I was thrilled to check out how the development of different products I’ve seen in the past might have improved and , of course, what’s new.

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ICC Day 2018 and our first self-organized workshop!

The ICC Day organized by ICC Belgium took place on Saturday, March 31st, 2018 but this time, I didn’t plan to attend this ICC day as a normal participant; instead, I offered them to help organizing a workshop on traveling abroad, which was gladly accepted!
As Silke also came up with a similar idea, we started organizing the workshop together. In addition, as I didn’t plan to rent a place on my own again, I asked around whether anybody would be interested in joining me for a few days in Belgium.

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A trip to Switzerland and my first Couchsurfing experiences

I already heard a lot about Couchsurfing and I must admit that the idea of staying with foreign people at their places sounded suspicious to me. But at some point, I decided to try it out anyway. In fact, some of my friends already tried it before and told me a lot of positive things about Couchsurfing, so why shouldn’t it also work for me? Plus, I already visited a few Couchsurfing meetings in Marburg and met a lot of awesome and open-minded people.

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Welcome back to Marburg, long time no see!

September 3rd, and time to come back to good old Marburg! During the extended holidays, I was – on the one hand – quite happy to stay away from marburg for a longer time; but on the other hand, I especially missed my former group, the educators and my group mates. Long story short: after six years in my old group near the Blista campus, it was time to change groups for my future traineeship.

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