I need your help

Hey folks!

As I am planning to publish my podcast on iTunes and Google Play, I need a cover image for the podcast so it is been actually accepted by Apple and Google.

A cover image could be just about anything; and as I appreciate the feedback and suppport, I am inviting you to send me any suggestions until November 13th. This could be an image of your choice (a description would be nice though) or write up any idea for a nice image you might have.


I’m looking forward to your ideas, and I’ll think about a little reward as a sign of appreciation for the one coming up with the best suggestion.



ICC weekend coming up in Antwerp, Belgium!

You can now subscribe to the ICC weekend in Antwerp organized by ICC Belgium, taking place from November 2nd until November 4th. Whether you’re a participant, a parent/professional or if you’d like to help out as a volunteer, feel free to sign up! To add a little teaser: the workshop “Traveling Abroad” will take place again!

Find out more hereunder:

See you in Antwerp!

Site improvements June 13th, 2018

Hey folks!

I did some improvements to my website… You can now sign up with your email-address in order to keep track of what’s going on here in the future.

Secondly, I added a like-button for my Facebook page linked to this blog.

Furthermore, for everybody’s convenience, it is now possible to browse the blog by category with a dropdown list found at the bottom part of the page.


Enjoy reading, and please don’t hesitate to give me feedback or ask any question you might have by leaving a comment on my blog or on Facebook or drop me a line via email!


Have a pleasant time, and best greetings from Marburg! Cheers!

Visiting the Sightcity 2018

On Wednesday, me and a couple of colleagues and tutors from work traveled to Frankfurt to visit the Sightcity, the biggest international exhibition for blind- and visually impaired-specific products in Germany, and there were a few highlights I’d like to talk about…
I visited the Sightcity the first – and last – time together with Gaudio-Braille during my internship period in May 2014, so I was thrilled to check out how the development of different products I’ve seen in the past might have improved and , of course, what’s new.

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Welcome back to Marburg, long time no see!

September 3rd, and time to come back to good old Marburg! During the extended holidays, I was – on the one hand – quite happy to stay away from marburg for a longer time; but on the other hand, I especially missed my former group, the educators and my group mates. Long story short: after six years in my old group near the Blista campus, it was time to change groups for my future traineeship.

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Stammtisch: a great opportunity to meet new people in your local area!

A very common thing Germans like to do is attending a so-called Stammtisch, which is basically a regularily happening local meet-up of people, most likely with a certain topic in mind. My parents, for instance, joined a stammtisch for parents with visually handicapped children in Stade, a while after I was born.

A great advantage of a stammtisch is:
You meet a lot of cool people with the same interest (depending on the stammtisch motto) and make a lot of new friends very quickly.

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Let’s spend some time off Marburg with an internship at DIAS GmbH, shall we?

My first internship was at Gaudio-Braille who are situated in Marburg. At this time – in the 10th grade – we had to choose a company for our internship which was situated in Marburg and the surroundings to stay nearby our school.
This time, however, we were allowed to do our internship wherever we wanted. Therefore, to get a little more independent outside of Marburg (known territory), I started looking for something in Stade or Hamburg.

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First experiences traveling by train and getting independent outside of Marburg

Pretty soon, after I came to Marburg, I got used to traveling by train, as well as typical Deutsche Bahn situations. 😉

Until April 2012, however, either one of my parents, relatives or people we got to know in Marburg who traveled to the north as well picked me up to accompany me on the train rides to Marburg or back home during the weekend.
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