ICC Day 2018 and our first self-organized workshop!

The ICC Day organized by ICC Belgium took place on Saturday, March 31st, 2018 but this time, I didn’t plan to attend this ICC day as a normal participant; instead, I offered them to help organizing a workshop on traveling abroad, which was gladly accepted!
As Silke also came up with a similar idea, we started organizing the workshop together. In addition, as I didn’t plan to rent a place on my own again, I asked around whether anybody would be interested in joining me for a few days in Belgium.

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Servus Vienna!

We actually tried to plan a newyear’s party in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. Unfortunately though, we started planning to late and the hostels were full.
Therefore, we again went to Vienna. On the other hand though, we were able to see some more attractions that we haven’t seen before, and not everybody participated the first time in 2014/2015 as well. Here, I only want to point out what was new, because the party had a lot of simmilarities with the first party.

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ICC Newyear’s Party 2014

A couple of weeks already, we kept talking about an ICC reunion party to again bring together some of the people involved into ICC 2014, however, it turned out to be a rather difficult task.
First of all, in order to get an event like that organized, we’d need a lot of know-how, a place where we could come together, some sort of plan what to do during this reunion party, etc etc.
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My first experiences with ICC

ICC-Camp stands for International Camp On Communication And Computers. It is an annual event for young blind or partially sighted students from all over Europe and other countries outside Europe, such as Japan. For me, I can say that ICC has a huge influence on my entire life, eversince my first participation; and for all that, I can mostly blame and especially thank my father…
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