What else happened on our Scandinavia trip?

Finally, some more news concerning the hyggelig time we had in Copenhagen and Stockholm!
There are a few reasons why it took me so long to come up with some more stories and especially why we ended up with only one audio log entry:
First off, concerning the audio log, I want to be honest: we either didn’t feel like recording another audio post because the time and place was rather inconvenient or we forgot about it when time and place was right because we just enjoyed the time and company, talking about other crazy stuff whatever came to our mind.
Secondly, ICC came right after, followed by a short break before work started and I got sick. :O

Nevertheless, I’d like to finish what I started and write up some thoughts out of my perspective about what else we did except for what we already talked about in our short audio post.
Additionally, I hope that we will also see some posts from my fellow companions’ perspectives in the near future. Continue reading “What else happened on our Scandinavia trip?”

A train tour through Skansen

The wifi in Stockholm apparently caused trouble uploading the video, so here we go again; hope it works now…We decided it was time to hopp on a small train for a short ride through Skansen and although there’s nothing much to hear, you can apparently see a lot; sighted people I showed the video to actually thought that it wasn’t me who took the video, because it looks so professional…Feel free to give feedback and a few descriptions though, I’d love to find out what can be seen on the video as well! 😉